Land Administration

Land Acquisition Process

Registration of original transfer ownership after transfer of government land (Grant)

Request from the transferee / assignee - (Certified by GN)
Grant and a photocopy
Folio belonging to the grant
Death certificate of the original
Death certificate of the spouse
Certified copy of the transferee's certificate of transfer, or certified copies of other

documents that confirm the relationship between the assignee and the assignee.
National Identity Card


Transferring of gifts to others

Request letter from the Grama Niladari
Relevant Grant and Affiliation

Letters containing wishes of children and mothers (Statement of Office of the Divisional  Secretary)
Deed of the Recommendation by the Grama Niladari recommendation and the deed of  another land owned by the parcel owner and the more
Grama Niladhari report of the transferor in the division.

Certificate of Residence of His Resident of the proposed Transferee /Assets/ Income.
Personal Identity Card

In the family, a certificate of birth certificate should be submitted.


Preparation of a grant

Request letter from the Grama Niladari
Report with Grama Niladhari recommendation
A photocopy of the license
If there is an outage plan there is a photocopy

Transfer of ownership

Request letter from the Grama Niladhari
Copy of the grant
A copy of the leaflet
Birth certificate of the transferee
Grama Niladhari report
Stamp Rs. 25 or Rs. 100 (depending on the time)
The villagers should come to the office and prove their agreement with evidence.



Government Land (Grant) - Transfer of Life Property

1. The applicant's request (s) should be certified by Grama Niladhari.

2. Grant card and a photocopy

3. The post of ownership of the grant

4. Death certificate of allottees

5. A certified copy of the girlfriend and mate's marriage certificate or the partner of the child who is  married to a spouse

Providing crown lands for Buddhist religious activities.

01. The report on request should be accompanied with the following details.

The name of the Chief Incumbent and Padaviya

The name of the Trustees' Board

A copy of constitution constitution - Special councils appointed by the board of trustees

± copy of the meeting certificate

- Draft gazette notification

Preparation of sacred grounds.

A photocopy of the lease

The name of the Trustees' Board

- A certificate that the conditions of the lease have been completed

The sect and the name of the Viharadhipathi

Recommendation to the Land Commissioner General through the Southern Provincial Land Commissioner




Taxes on state lands

Government land lease system

01. Long-term tax

02. Short Time Tax

03. Annual tax

04. Effective tax

± Lands are free, and are looking for the right matter.

± The concurrence and the views of the Urban and Town Planning Commission of the Urban Development Authority as well as the views of the Pradeshiya Saba should be obtained.

± Configuring a Survey Plan of land and collecting Kachcheri Surveyors.

Assessment of the land.

Submit a report with recommendation to the commissioner of land.

- Reimbursement of Tax Payments by handing over the land by Kachcheri Survey.

± sending a survey request.

± Lease Plan for drawing of artifacts of AD 1188 by the Supervising Officer. Send to.

- Maintenance of a Long Term Lease Ledger

- Levying tax annually and maintaining the tax register

Taxes are revised once in 30 years.


Effective tax

Recommendation and assessment of Grama Niladhari

Approval of the Divisional Secretary

± Road reservations - Highway Director's agreement

± Water Reserves - Director of irrigation

Enter the name of the tax registry

± Taxes before March 31, If ​​tax is levied after March 31, a fine of 10%

Penalties of 10% for failing to pay tax

Taxable Income 2002-10-21

± Accounting of tax revenues and arrears of taxes

Preparation of annual accounts



Distribution of lands

Referring the income to the Grama Niladari / Divisional Secretary after publishing newspaper

advertisements for registration of landless persons by Provincial Land Commissioner.
Having identified the missing persons and registering them.
Registration of persons who possess the highest number of qualifications in land distribution
Acquisition of lands for the distribution of lands and the absence of government lands
Distribution of land kecers to the above mentioned registered persons

Issue permits for granting bonds

Request letter (certified by the Grama Niladhari)

- License Leaflet (obtained from Land Registrar's Office)

A financial institution that surrenders the loan and copy / land should be a Registered Finance Company

Government Land Administration

The State Land Administration is mainly connected with the public and is connected to the public in the following matters regarding lands.

Issuing / Canceling / Extending Issuance of Permits
Issue / cancel license
Issuance of grants (Swarna sites, victories, Ranbima) Issuing / Transferring / Re-splicing
Issue / Stip / Transfer
Issue of free grants
Grant of grants returned to the government

And / or coordination of such activities through the Divisional Secretariat.

Taking steps to remove unauthorized access to government land
Selection of suitable persons for granting lands through land Kachcheri
Registration of persons who do not have land
Issuing permits for quarries / quarries and stone corridors
Action on timber in state lands
Collection of land revenue
Offer deeds / Special Grants or Leases


In carrying out these tasks, the following are used, along with timely amendments.
Land Development Ordinance No 19 of 1935 (Revised 1969/16, 1981/27, 1993/22, 1995/09, 1996/20) Government Land Ordinance No 08 of 1947
The Acquisition of State Lands Acquisition Act No. 09 of 1950 (1954/39, 1955/22, 1961/60, 1964/05, 1964/28)

Land Reforms Act No 01 of 1972 (amended in 1975/35)

State Land (Recovery of Possession Act No. 07 of 1979) (Amendment of 1981/58, 1983/29, 1987/50, 1997/29)
Land Grants (Special Provisions) Act No 43 of 1979
Land settlement Ordinance

In addition, the Circular No. 2008/4 of the Commissioner General of Lands, Circular No.   2007/03

When dealing with these regulations, the Divisional Secretary carries out the necessary coordination with the following institutions and persons (arranged according to necessity)

Grama Niladhari
Colonel officer
Provincial Land Commissioner
Survey Department
District Land Registrar
Land Commissioner General
Land use officer
Local Government Institutions (Pradeshiya Sabha, Urban Council, Municipal Council)
Urban Development Authority

In addition, contacting the following institutions is a necessity

The Court
Department of Land Commissioner
District Secretariat
Forest Department
Other Government Ministries and Institutions

Some of the reasons why your land ...

Late assault on the Divisional Secretariats from the public. The following are the main factors affecting the delay ...
Possession of disputes over your land (border disputes, ownership of property, taking legal actions, non-state land etc.)
Reservation in water reserves, mountain protected areas and roadside reservations.
Some landing activities are delayed by one or more of the above mentioned institutions on occasions when transactions are carried out on several occasions
Failure to submit required information / documents when requested and / or false information

For more information ... Department of Land Commissioner General's

Providing an arbitration policy

Under the Land Grants (Special Provisions) Act No. 43 of 1979, regulation issuance under the distribution of state lands to low income earners (monthly income of Rs.12,000) is being carried out.

Investigate eligibility for those who do not possess land and distribute the shares / tenure of the land. Issue of the Issuance of Compulsory Guidelines for this.
Issue a Survey Order to the District Superintendent of Surveys to survey the land on the request of the landowners and to estimate the land accordingly.
After submission of prescribed line drawing to the Divisional Secretary by the Survey Department, duly filled in by the Divisional Secretary, should be forwarded to the Provincial Land Commissioner / Deputy Land Commissioner.

The gazette paper should have been published in the gazette notice that the land was taken over prior to the preparation of the adjustment papers. A copy of the same gazette should also be submitted along with the format of the regulation.
No numbers should be given for the distribution formulation.

Provincial Land Commissioner's Office / Deputy Land Commissioner's Office.

By checking whether the Disposition Instructions are correctly prepared by the Divisional Secretary and referring the relevant documents to the Land Commissioner General's Department.
If there are shortcomings they are sent back to the Divisional Secretary and corrected.

Land Commissioner General's Department

Checking the Finding Arrangements. The
View the information in the schedule with tracing.
The name of the prepared and inspected names.
See if the gazette has been published that the land was taken over by the government.
Seeing the President's name correctly.
Look at the full name of the address of the compendium.
There should be 4 copies. The original should have been typed. Examine the carbon copying of the carbon copy from District Superintendent of Surveys.
All the information must be typed. Deletion paint should not be used.
Numbering for the format papers and recording them in the relevant registrar. The number  of high-profile computing applications is high
The original should be marked with the red label and the other 3 should be separated.
Preparation of Cover Letter to the Secretary to the President.
Directing the distribution documents with the covering letter to the Presidential Secretary.
Sending grants sent by the Deputy Secretary of the Land through the Deputy Land Commissioner / Provincial Land Commissioner to the Divisional Secretary.



President's secretary's office

Instructions for the preparation of the image of President giving the image a signature and returning to us.

District Land Registration Office
The President of Sri Lanka Signature and the Disposition Schedule which was sent to the Divisional Secretary by the Divisional Secretary will be referred to this office for registration.
Registered and sent back to the Divisional Secretary.
After the registration, the Divisional Secretary grants the grant to relevant landowners.

Granting Ranbima Grants under the Land Development Ordinance Act

Grants will be granted under the State Land Displacement Program through the Land Development Ordinance implemented by the Government to provide relief to the Sri Lankan farmers.

Divisional Secretariat

Request to grant a land grant by the land recipients.
If the land has been properly developed after field inspection, officers of the divisional secretariat issue a survey order to the District Superintendent of Survey to prepare a tracing bordering the land for granting a grant.

Accordingly, tracing prepared by the Superintendent of Survey to the Divisional Secretary is sent.
After receiving the tracing of the Survey Office, Divisional Secretary should prepare a correct grant in  form EC .156.

Provision of numbers for grants should also be done. However, in some provinces these numbers are provided by the Provincial Land Commissioner.
Submission of the prepared grants to the Provincial Land Commissioner / Deputy Land Commissioner. The 2008/01 Circular should also be sent with this.
Sending the grants signed by His Excellency the President to the Divisional Secretariat after receiving the grants to the Land Registry for registration.
Submission of such grants to the Divisional Secretary after registration in the Land Registry.

Grants completed by registration are deducted from the service charge to landowners.

Provincial Land Commissioner's Office / Deputy Land Commissioner's Office

Grants sent from the Divisional Secretariat are checked and recorded in the required documents and are sent to the Land Commissioner General without any shortcomings.
Grants with shortcomings should be sent back to the Divisional Secretary and corrected.
Referring the grants signed by the Secretary to the President to the Divisional Secretary.

Land Commissioner General's Department

Writing / receiving receipts of grants received from Provincial Land Commissioner / Deputy Land Commissioner.
Checking the grants. Examine the following points.

According to the circular 2008/01 of the Commissioner General of Lands

The first and second schedule of the circular No. 5/2/6 / Ranbima circular and the circular on the dated 07.11.2007 should be inspected.
Leading the correct grant.
Insert red letters of grants and send a letter to send them to the Secretary of the President.
Referring to the Secretary to the President with the covering letter.
Submitting the grants with shortcomings to the Provincial Land Commissioner / Deputy Land Commissioner.

After obtaining the signature of His Excellency the President, the Presidential Secretary sends us the grants.
Certifying duplicate copies of such grants and sending them back to the original Land Commissioner / Deputy Land Commissioner / Assistant Land Commissioner.


President's secretary's office

For the grants received from the Land Commissioner General, attest to the signature of His Excellency the President and return it to the Commissioner General of Land again.

Land Registry office

Once the grants signed by His Excellency the President are sent by the Divisional Secretary to the Land Registry, they are duly registered.
Then he will be referred back to the Divisional Secretary.

Release of lands under the State Land Ordinance

A Land Clearance Certificate is issued to provide land to State Departments.

Special Grants under the State Land Ordinance

For special reasons, the grant can be issued to His Excellency the President. No fee is charged. Granting lands for various state institutions for special social projects of the government and providing alternative lands for those who do not receive compensation for private lands acquired by the government.

Giving a Pooce Lease under the State Land Ordinance

For pens. First, a preliminary lease will be provided to the contributing council. Secondly, a grant is issued to the Viharadhipathi and the scholarship generals.

Issue of long term lease agreements

Lease licenses are issued under the State Land Ordinance (No.8) of 1947. Long term tax is paid to individuals and institutions for a period of 30 years for residential, agricultural and commercial purposes. The lease term can be extended up to 50 years for special projects. You can extend the lease term on the success of the first lease term. These permits can be obtained and obtained by obtaining the prior approval of the land commissioner

Disposal of lands under the Land Development Ordinance

This is done by giving the ownership to both the farmer class, the low income class, the higher income earner and the educated youth, for the purpose of agricultural or occupying a house for both these purposes. Lands under this Act will not be given lands except for these.

Release of lands

A Land Clearance Certificate is issued to provide land to State Departments.


  1. Obtaining the Ownership of Lands
  2. Distribution of Lands
  3. Changing the Ownership of Lands
  4. Naming/Changing the Successor
  5. Transferring Deeds to a new Successor
  6. Annual Rentals
  7. Harvest Rentals
  8. Long-term Rentals
  9. Allocation of Lands for Religious Places