Officer / Station




Ministry of Disaster Management

Vidya Mawatha, Colombo 07

011-2695013/ 011-2681980


Disaster Management Center

No. 2-222, BMICH, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07.



Disaster Management Center

District Secretariat Office, Galle

091-2227315/ 077-3957873


Disaster Relief Services Officer

Divisional Secretariat, Imaduwa

091-2286259/ 071-1477982


 Occasions of the Disaster Management Plan
• Disaster Preparedness
• Response
• Providing relief.

 Disaster Preparedness
• Identification of potential disasters.
• Mapping.
• Preparation of plans.
• Establishment of disaster committees.
• Community awareness.
• Maintain an institution relationship.
• Submission of projects in relation to disaster reduction.

• Prepare disaster preparedness plan.
• Warning.
• Providing information and coordinating activities.
• Act to save communities and property.
• Maintenance camps.
• Implementation of welfare activities.

• Assessment activities.
• Co-ordinating the relevant institutions for infrastructure.
• Providing relief.

Coordinating institutions that provide concessions.
o Give the information and reports to the relevant institutions.
o Implementation of counseling.
o Rehabilitation.

Regional Disaster Management Plan
• Establishment of Disaster Management Committees.
• Establishment of the Regional Disaster Committee headed by the Divisional Secretary.
• Establishment of Rural Disaster Management Committees headed by Grama Niladari.


List of Beneficiaries May Flooded in May 2017

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